Who am I?

Hey guys. I’m Alex. Or really Alexandra McEvoy, but everyone calls me Alex. I have loved photography and video since I was a young girl. Perhaps forever. I was only 10 when I told my parents I wanted to make movies one day, they threw me a Movie Star Birthday party and I have videos of my friends acting out scenes from our favorites. At 17, I moved to Manhattan and studied at The School of Visual Arts, receiving my BFA in 2008. As a student, when my professors asked what my goals were, I always told them I desired to build a family first and then a career.

While I waited for ‘Mr.Right’, I worked as a Production Assistant on a few independent feature films and then landed a media production job for the Estèe Lauder Corporation. I worked with the media team at ELC for about 6 years. I perfected my skills to shoot digital video and studio photography. I mastered photoshop and video editing. I learned how to please clients and how to think creatively within limitations. During my time here, I met the love of my life, had an amazing wedding and became pregnant with my son.

Pregnancy was truly an amazing time for me. I felt beautiful and confident in a way I had never felt before, with a side of all day nausea and a craving for popsicles. My boss at ELC was amazingly supportive and gifted me Hypnobirthing education classes. As many first-time mothers do, I researched as a second job.

I have always been a bit unconventional, my ideal life is one filled with traditional values and culture, leaning as close to nature as possible, avoiding western medicine and nourishing my body with everything healthy and homemade. While pregnant with my first child, these unconventional ideals led to my passion for supporting women in childbearing.

Though I had intended to return to ELC after my maternity leave, God had other plans. My husband was offered a new job opportunity with more hours and more stress. We made the decision that I would stay home with our son, and it was a huge turning point. At first, I focused on motherhood, but soon I felt depleted as an artist and wanted to do something creative with my time.

I began offering family portrait sessions and before long was photographing maternity and newborns. Ultimately, this led to photographing some dear friends birth their beautiful babies and I knew that this was where I wanted to focus my energy. I love photographing birth more than anything I’ve ever done.

Over the past five years my business has ebbed and flowed as we’ve had two more children and bought our first home. My first job is my family, just as I always knew it would be. But the passion I have for birth, for documenting the miracle of labor and delivery, for supporting women and families in the transition of parenthood, is absolutely invigorating. Some call it a birth high, and honestly it often feels that way. This past year I began the certification process to become a doula.

If you choose to work with me, you will benefit from that passion, you will get downloads from my years of research and you will receive a hand edited photo gallery to preserve the memories of your birth into parenthood and the birth of your child.


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